Our priorities

Commissiong intentions

Commissioning intentions set out the context for commissioning healthcare and enable a conversation between commissioners and providers about what needs to change. 

They are part of an on-going dialogue with providers to agree what can be delivered through contracts and lead to operational plans and service development and improvement plans.

You can view our commissiong intentions for 2017/18 and 2018/19 here

What are our priorities for 2016/17?



Work streams to deliver our four strategic priorities

  1. From a system perspective, turning around performance of the urgent and emergency care system and starting to deliver the national urgent and emergency care review.
  2. From a people perspective, more effective and more economic care and support for particular groups of people who are regular users of healthcare services.
  3. From a pathway perspective, redesigning paths of care to remove unwarranted variation, and waste, embed prevention,  enable innovation in clinical practice and use technology to get better results for people at a lower cost.
  4. Supporting provider development of a new operating model for services in the community, including the sustainability of primary care.
  5. Working with partners to transform commissioning to be place-based
  6. Improving or own organisational performance in line with the capacity and capability review.