Our priorities

Commissionging intentions

Commissioning intentions set out the context for commissioning healthcare and enable a conversation between commissioners and providers about what needs to change. 

They are part of an on-going dialogue with providers to agree what can be delivered through contracts and lead to operational plans and service development and improvement plans.

You can view our commissionging intentions for 2017/18 and 2018/19 here

  • We wish to move to a community-based model of care, focusing on the needs of the whole population with an emphasis on prevention.
  • We are focused on gathering community services around people, making better use of those who can help to support others: family, friends, neighbours and volunteers as well as investing in more community-based care.
  • We have a vision for unplanned care that is fully joined-up across GP surgeries, out-of-hours clinics, community hospitals, urgent care centres, emergency departments and advice services such as NHS 111.
  • We aim to deliver on the domains and clinical priority areas set out in the CCG Improvement and Assessment Framework to provide assurance that NHS Kernow is fit for purpose and the services we commission meet national standards and targets. 

The CCG Improvement and Assessment Framework cover four domains:

  1. Better health;
  2. Better care;
  3. Sustainability; and
  4. Leadership.