Policies and procedures

NHS Kernow has a number of strategies, policies and other procedural documents to help guide its staff and those people with an interest to do things in a way that is open, transparent, safe, legal and consistent. Many of these are available via our website or upon application. 


  • Strategy: A strategy is a high-level, long-term plan of action, usually covering three to five years to achieve a particular goal in relation to the strategic aims of NHS Kernow.
  • Policy: A policy is a specific and enforceable set of principles or rules that define conduct by NHS Kernow members and employees, often outlining best practice or statutory requirements.
  • Guidelines: Includes management guidance notes from Human Resources and documents setting out a preferred method of operation. These are usually based on guidance published by national or external agencies using current evidence. A guideline allows for informed decision making concerning the appropriate course of action to take. Other methods are not prohibited but a reason for deviation from guidance should be fully justifiable and approval by line management sought.
  • Prototcols and procedures: These stipulate the practice required and the action to be taken to implement a policy. They are usually a set of detailed step by step instructions that describe the appropriate method for carrying out tasks or activities to achieve a stated outcome to the highest possible standards and to ensure efficiency, consistency and safety. 

Accessing documents

You can access all of our policies and procedures via the Document Library or use or search facility.