Telehealth service review

Telehealth is a monitoring service where people with a range of long-term conditions are given equipment such as weight scales, urine sticks and fingertip pulse monitors to help them manage their own health conditions from their home. The equipment takes readings such as blood pressure, blood glucose levels and weight which are then sent electronically to a clinician who will determine what action, if any will need to be taken. The service is provided by Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (CPFT).

Following a comprehensive six-month review of Telehealth last year, NHS Kernow’s Governing Body decided in November 2016 to disinvest from the service as members felt the service did not have significantly robust clinical evidence to demonstrate effectiveness; did not represent value for money and did not demonstrate the desired outcomes clinicians would expect patients to see. 

Following concerns raised by some people about the decision to disinvest from the service, we undertook a further six week consultation to review this decision, from 19 September to 1 November 2017. 

The Governing Body will now review all the evidence and views that were gathered during the consultation and consider the future funding of the service when it meets on Tuesday 5 December 2017.  

We would like to acknowledge our thanks to everyone who contributed to this consultation.

You can read the evidence that was gathered during the consultation below: 

* Appendices 1 and 9a have been reformatted for website viewing.