Ipsos Mori survey shows NHS Kernow is making good progress

The Ipsos Mori 360°Stakeholder Survey findings have been released today (Thursday) and provide an insight into the experiences and opinions of the people that NHS Kernow work with.

The survey asked key stakeholders, such as GPs, its providers, the local authorities, the Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee, patient groups, including Healthwatch and voluntary groups, to answer a series of questions about their working relationship with NHS Kernow.

NHS England, which oversees the CCG’s work, uses the results to support the CCG’s ongoing development and improvements.

This year’s results show a significant year-on-year improvement since 2015/16 on every indicator people were asked to comment on. Of the 21 measures people were asked to comment on, 12 of NHS Kernow’s scores are now higher than either the national, South West or other similar CCGs’ average.

Highlights include:

  • Having the right staff involved in the commissioning and decommissioning of services;
  • Working better with others to improve health outcomes. An example includes working with NHS Directors of Finance to produce a financial plan for our system for next year. This is a significant milestone for all partners and demonstrates the significant improvement in relationships since 2015/16;
  • 63 per cent of GP member practices rated the effectiveness of their working relationship with us as very good/fairly good; and
  • People understanding our plans and priorities and feel they have been able to contribute. 

NHS Kernow’s results were higher than the national average when it came to how respondents felt about the opportunity to influence the CCGs plans and priorities. There was further good news when we exceeded the average around how much stakeholders feel they know about NHS Kernow plans and prioritises when compared to South West CCGs and those of a similar size.

The response rate also shows that with more people than ever before took part in the survey (65 per cent compared to 62.5 per cent), and with GP member practices having more of a say in the survey (66 per cent compared to 63 per cent). However, those who took part in the poll felt NHS Kernow needs to provide greater assurance that the organisation will deliver on its plans and priorities and that the quality of services will improve.

Jackie Pendleton, NHS Kernow’s Chief Officer, said: “I am really pleased to say that we have seen year on year improvement in our results since 2015/2016. This is an incredible achievement and demonstrates the dedication and commitment of our staff to help transform our organisation since it was placed under legal directions in December 2015.

“During the past two years we have worked really hard to develop and nurture honest and productive relationships with everyone we work with, and are pleased that 71 per cent of people who responded to this year’s survey rated the effectiveness of their working relationship with the CCG – a significant improvement of 45 per cent in 2016, and 58 per cent in 2017.

“Everyone who responded said they had experienced increased confidence in NHS Kernow’s ability to deliver improved outcomes for patients and see the organisation as a local system leader, which is testament to the work we have undertaken to improve our organisation.”

Jackie added: “The results of the latest survey are really promising, but I’m not complacent as there is still much to do but it shows people believe – most importantly our membership practices - that we are heading in the right direction and improving our position considerably.”

The survey results are published here.