FreeStyle Libre available to eligible patients

NHS Kernow has agreed to commission the flash glucose monitoring device, FreeStyle Libre for qualifying adults and children with type 1 diabetes. The offer to the qualifying patients is initially for six months and will be considered a ‘trial’ for each individual that has defined positive health outcomes which are then assessed at six months. 

People who will be eligible for the trial will already have been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and will meet the criteria

Before patients begin the trial they will have to be assessed by specialist hospital diabetes services to ensure they meet the criteria to receive device FreeStyle Libre. For those who qualify the trial process will be fully explained to the patient before they begin.

The specialist hospital diabetes service will provide the device and the first sensor (which should last the patients for two weeks), together with any necessary training and instruction the patient needs.

GPs will then be asked to provide repeat prescriptions for the sensors up until the end of the six month trial period. At the end of the trial specialists, from secondary/community care, will review the patient to ensure they meet the criteria, if the criteria is met then the device will continue to be funded by NHS Kernow.

Where the patient does not meet the criteria to continue the specialist will explain this to the patient, informing them why the use of the device will be discontinued and discuss alternative options. The GP will also be informed.

As this device has only recently been approved, we need to ensure that the clinicians are appropriately trained to support this device and thus secondary care will not be able to process referrals until at least September 2018.

The policy detailing the commissioning FreeStyle Libre can be read here.