NHS Kernow Events http://kernowccg.nhs.uk/rss-feeds/events/ Events on the NHS Kernow website en-GB Sunday, May 19, 2019 NHS Kernow Clinical Commissioning Group 15 Governing Body meeting http://kernowccg.nhs.uk/events/2019/12/governing-body-meeting/ Information on NHS Kernow's December 2019 Governing Body meeting. 6285 2019-12-03T10:00:00 Governing Body meeting http://kernowccg.nhs.uk/events/2019/11/governing-body-meeting/ Information on NHS Kernow's November 2019 Governing Body meeting. 6284 2019-11-05T10:00:00 Governing Body meeting http://kernowccg.nhs.uk/events/2019/09/governing-body-meeting/ Information on NHS Kernow's September 2019 Governing Body meeting. 6283 2019-09-03T10:00:00 Governing Body meeting http://kernowccg.nhs.uk/events/2019/08/governing-body-meeting/ Information on NHS Kernow's August 2019 Governing Body meeting. 6282 2019-08-06T10:00:00 Children and young people community of practice http://kernowccg.nhs.uk/events/2019/07/children-and-young-people-community-of-practice/ Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly will be holding its first community of practice event supporting the changes to emotional wellbeing and mental health support for children and young people. 6327 2019-07-12T00:00:00 Whose shoes workshop http://kernowccg.nhs.uk/events/2019/06/whose-shoes-workshop/ Would you like to help improve maternity services in Cornwall? Come along to our whose shoes workshop on Wednesday 5 June and share your experiences. 6349 2019-06-05T10:00:00 Governing Body meeting http://kernowccg.nhs.uk/events/2019/06/governing-body-meeting/ Information on NHS Kernow's June 2019 Governing Body meeting. 6281 2019-06-04T10:00:00