Support groups

Expert Patient Programme 

The Expert Patient Programme is an opportunity for people with chronic health conditions to come together with others and develop more skills to help them to cope with the difficulties of long-term health problems. 


Founded in 1996, Lapidus is the UK organisation promoting creative writing and reading for health and well-being. 

Words used creatively can be a powerful tool for health and personal, community and world development.


Lapidus writers, poets, medical and healthcare professionals, people just starting out on a writing journey, therapists, complementary practitioners...

artists working for well-being, those involved in social care and education, survivors...

anyone whose interest in stories extends through literary pleasures and learning into the dimensions of care of the soul, mind, body.

Lapidus aims

  • To provide up to date news and ideas
  • To promote creative therapeutic writing and reading: 
  • To provide webpages of information on practitioners in the field: 
  • Develop partnerships with related groups and organisations: 
  • Develop routes to funding streams
  • disseminate information to members and others: 
  • Develop the potential and actual benefits of creative words in hospitals, health centres, mental health organisations, community settings...or out in the woods